The Midwives

Sky Dasey, RM

 I would like to tell you a little about my journey to providing midwifery care and Genesis Midwives. I was born at home, long before this was common, which led me to be curious about the choices women make about birthing. As I grew up on the Toronto Islands, I met a few midwives and many women who had midwifery care. The ability to provide health care in a way that respects the whole woman and her family appealed to me and I developed a keen interest in midwifery care. By the time I was in my teens, I knew this was what I wanted to do in my life.

Before entering the Midwifery Education Program, I worked in a variety of positions including cooking, childcare and as the administrator for a busy midwifery practice. I also traveled through Europe, Africa, the Caribbean and North America.
I began my midwifery training in 1996 at Ryerson University and had placements in Toronto and Hamilton. During the course of my education, I assisted with both home and hospital births and I gave birth to my son Oliver (with the help of midwives, of course!). Upon graduation in 2003, I joined St. Jacobs Midwives and I enjoyed my work with that wonderful practice immensely.

We founded Genesis Midwives in 2009 as our response to the ever increasing demand for accessible, high quality midwifery care. The birth of this new practice has been exciting and challenging and I am honoured to be a partner in this group. I find great joy in delivering midwifery care and I look forward to getting to know you and your family.

Minke Kraak, RM

I received my formal midwifery training at the University of Nottingham in England and I became a Registered Midwife in Ontario in 2004, after completing the International Midwifery Pre-registration Program. During my clinical placements, I spent considerable time assisting midwives within the community and also in a high risk obstetric unit. In my last year of training, I was fortunate enough to go on an elective placement to rural Uganda where I observed and participated in clinical care.

I love the relationships that I have built with families over the past few years in the Kitchener-Waterloo community. Being invited into the lives of families during this monumental time is a privilege and an honour! I am eager and excited to be expanding midwifery services in this area through the region’s newest practice – Genesis Midwives.
On a personal note, I was born in the Netherlands and immigrated to Ontario with my family when I was eight years old. I grew up on a farm near Tillsonburg, Ontario. I am privileged to have used midwives myself in December of 2009 when I gave birth to a little girl and again in 2012 when our son was born.


Sarah Musselman, RM

I am so excited to be returning to the team at Genesis Midwives. I grew up in St. Jacobs and Kitchener-Waterloo has always been home for me.

Prior to becoming a midwife, I completed my Bachelor’s of Science in Health Studies at the University of Waterloo. I graduated from the McMaster Midwifery Education Program in 2021 and worked for a year in Cambridge, before returning to Genesis Midwives. I had the privilege of training in my final year of the midwifery education program with the midwives here at Genesis, and am excited to be back.

In my free time, I enjoy going for hikes with my husband and German Shepard and working in a large garden that we have at my mother-in-law’s.

I was delivered at home by a midwife and grew up hearing many stories about the amazing experiences my mother had with all the midwives she used for her three home births. So when considering where to enter the health field, midwifery seemed like a good path for me. I am passionate about women’s reproductive health, the support for women through pregnancy, and the postpartum period. I am excited to be working at Genesis Midwives and look forward to meeting each one of you and sharing in your journey!

Ama Owusu, RM

Ama Owusu My name is Ama Owusu. I graduated with a Bachelor of Health Sciences in Midwifery from Ryerson University in 2016. I practiced with a midwifery group in Brampton from 2016-2021.  Moved to this community and had a great opportunity to be part of Genesis midwives this year.

Prior to midwifery I worked as a geriatric nurse.  As a geriatric nurse I had the privilege to be part of so many beautiful end of life stories but there is something special about being a midwife and watching those first perfect moments when a family meets their baby for the first time.

I was blessed with the opportunity of midwifery service during my pregnancy in 2008. My midwives listened to me and reassured me that I would be okay, when I was not coping well and afraid. She stayed with me past her shift, was my advocate and support without her kindness and compassion I couldn’t have gotten through it.

After this experience I wanted to be part of the community of special people that help women navigate through pregnancy. Being with them and providing support in all needed aspect to make this a beautiful experience.

In my spare time I love organizing events, photography and gardening.


Zainab Attia, RM

I graduated from the McMaster Midwifery Education Program in May 2019 and I am delighted to be joining the team at Genesis Midwives.

Ever since I can remember, I have been driven by a strong passion to care for others, leading me to naturally consider a profession in health care. During high school, I contemplated pursuing paediatrics, nursing or dentistry, but no one field appealed to me more than the others. This all changed shortly before I applied for university when I became an aunt for the 3rd time (I am now an aunt to 16 and counting!). My sister had delivered her daughter in London, England under the care of midwives and raved to me about her positive birth experience. My passion for midwifery has flourished since then, and continues to grow with every new client and experience I have.

To my clients – I am inspired everyday by your strength and resilience. I look forward to being a part of your pregnancy and birth story and I am honoured to be a part of your miraculous journey into motherhood. Being a midwife is empowering, and I hope I can share that passion with you!

On my free time, I enjoy spending time with my large family, traveling the world, volunteering, and road trips!



Brenda Dong, RM

My name is Brenda and I’m thrilled to be joining the Genesis Midwives team! I was born and raised in Kitchener and I’m also a second generation Vietnamese Canadian! I graduated from the University of Waterloo with a degree in biomedical sciences and an intent to become a pharmacist: however, through my passion for reproductive health, informed choice and educating others about their bodies, I was led to my career in midwifery.

Following my graduation from the McMaster midwifery education program in 2021, I worked in Cambridge for a number of years before deciding it was time to head back home to Kitchener-Waterloo.

In my spare time, I enjoy cuddling with my dog Zachary and working with arts and crafts.